Article: Voip 資料庫/網路電話

如何使用我們的網路電話系統? 需要什麼軟件或硬體?

本文的內容僅提供參考。在未成為我們的會員之前請勿自行購買網路電話硬體或購買付費的軟體。 若您需要與我們聯絡或試讀我們的課程,我們建議您先用網路上可下載的免費的SIP軟體電話。成為我們的會員不一定要有SIP網路電話。但是我們的互動遠端課程是用網路電話驅動。若您不打算用SIP軟體或硬體電話則學習的介面僅限定於我們的網站介面。 使用我們的網絡電話系統不需要付任何費用(但您需要有上網的功能。您的上網費用僅限電信公司的網路費。)

1. 硬體SIP電話: 其外觀與一般普通電話十分相似。只要把網路電線直接連接到家中的網路分享器就可使用。 一般的硬體網路電話是透過有線網路連接上網。若您只能靠無線上網(如Wifi,藍牙等),硬體SIP電話並不適用。我們測試了幾個大廠牌的硬體SIP電話(如Cisco,Grandstream,Yealink,等)聲音訊號相當清晰。我們建議學員使用G729的標準編碼選項,通話品質更佳。若您願意投資一套SIP硬體電話,請在購買前與我們聯絡。我們的技術人員會在線上指導如何連接到我們的伺服器。但因為購買硬體SIP電話會產生額外的開銷,我們建議您先用SIP軟體網路電話與我們的伺服器連接。優點:通話品質最佳。可在硬體機器上直接輸入伺服器參數不需靠電腦進行設定(當然也可以連接至電腦或筆記型電腦輸入設定)。缺點:硬體SIP電話的體積較大,不方便攜帶出門或出國。大多數硬體SIP電話需要靠網路線連接到路由或網路分享器才能上線。我們建議硬體SIP電話在室內使用(外出或出國時使用SIP網路電話轉接器或SIP軟體電話)。

2. SIP網路電話轉接器: 英文稱為ATA(Analog Telephone Adapter) ATA其外觀類似三明治大小的塑膠盒子。用戶必須擁有一個傳統電話機(一般家用電話)互搭使用。SIP網路電話轉接器的原理是把一般傳統家用電話機當聽筒用,將通話的訊號由類比轉為數位網路SIP的訊號。使用轉接器的好處為方便攜帶。優點: 若經常出國旅遊,您可以輕鬆的把SIP網路電話轉接器加上買個迷你型的家用電話放入手提箱內。缺點:初次使用的時必須把轉接器連接到電腦(一般電腦或筆記型電腦)設定伺服器參數。一般低階的轉接器沒有附加銀幕顯示器。所以無法使用來電顯示的功能。

3.SIP軟體電話: 在智慧手機或智能手機下可安裝免費的SIP軟體電話。在家用電腦也可以安裝免費的SIP軟體電話。網路上也有付費型的SIP軟體電話app。優點:若SIP軟體電話安裝在智慧(智能)手機上,只要手機能上網,就可隨時隨地使用SIP軟體與我們交流。缺點:若您的手機或電腦安裝太多雜七雜八的軟件或是有其他軟體病毒,通話的品質就會大幅下降。


How to use our VoIP system? What tools are needed?

This article is a condensed version of our reference note on how to use the VoIP phone to connect with members of our organization. Do not purchase the SIP hard phone (or pay for a commercial version of SIP softphone) for now. It is not a requirement to have a SIP phone to become our member. If you intend to take a trial lesson or communicate with us before becoming a member, please download the freeware version of the SIP softphone. Using our SIP network is free. The only fee you need to pay is your own Internet connection charge from your telecom company or mobile phone carrier.

Our members need to use the SIP phone(hard phone or softphone)to log in to our live group lesson, connect one-to-one with our tutors. Without a SIP phone, a member is only limited to the use of our Web learning system. The SIP phone is divided into 3 major categories: SIP hard phone,ATA(Analog Telephone Adapter) ,and SIP softphone.

1. SIP hard phone: A SIP hard phone looks just like an ordinary business phone. It usually uses the Ethernet wire to get online connection. If you are in a place where only wireless Internet connection- such a Wifi or Bluetooth- is allowed, a SIP hard phone may not be a good choice. (We've tried some of the Wifi SIP hard phones. They are quite expensive.) We've tested some of the SIP hard phones made by Cisco, Grandstream and Yealink. The voice quality is excellent. We recommend the use of G729 audio codec for the best audio quality. Please contact us prior to making an investment on a SIP hard phone. Our technical staff will assist you over the Internet. We highly recommended downloading a free version of the SIP softphone to communicate with as the first step.

Advantage: The voice quality is excellent. Users of a SIP hard phone need not use a computer of laptop to perform the server setup. However, it's always more convenient to hook the SIP hardphone to a computer(desktop or laptop) do so.

Disadvantage: The physical size of a SIP phone is rather bulky. The phone usually requires a wired connection to the Internet. If you are constantly outdoor or on the road, you might want to have both SIP hard phone ( used in your office or home) and SIP softphone ( installed on your smart phone ).

2. ATA(Analog Telephone Adapter): This sandwich-sized plastic box requires an analog telephone set to work. The analog telephone set hooks up to the ATA. And the ATA connects to your Internet router. The ATA simply translates the analog signal from your analog telephone to the SIP protocol. Advantage: The compact size of this device make it easy to take with your when you are on the road. However, you also need to consider the size of the analog telephone that that needs to accompany this ATA. Using a small analog telephone with ATA makes traveling easy.

Disadvantage: The ATA device is usually powered by a DC 5V power supply. The low-cost ATAs usually do not come with a small LCD display. This means that features like the caller ID is usually not available. The device also requires the connection to a computer, desktop or laptop, for the purpose of server information setup and calibration.

3. SIP softphones: There are several free SIP softphone software for both the desktop/laptop computer and smartphones.

Disadvantage: The voice quality is almost always not as good, compared to that delivered by the SIP hard phones or ATAs. If you installed lots of apps on your smart phones, the voice quality of the SIP softphone will go down as well! The performance of the free versions of the SIP softphones is usually not as good.

Advantage: It's convenient when installed on a smart phone.

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